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  • Assist with all required reports and documentation as needed

  • Attend safety/toolbox meetings Establish ERP and participate in emergency response services as required

  • Ensure equipment and transport vehicles are ready 24/7 to undertake all medical retrieval services

  • Maintain standards of practice consistent with the provincial governing regulatory body

  • Comply with your Policies and Procedures Participate in ongoing continuing medical education

  • Ensure that patients are managed in a professional and friendly manner

  • Operate within boundaries of the provincial licences of the incumbent

  • Assist with the internal training program on site by preparing training sessions as requested

  • Any other duties that may be requested from time to time by management

  • Ensure that our client are represented in a professional manner

  • Participate in drills, inspections, and all other site-related duties as assigned


Because we met so many contractors in oil and gas industry, complaining about the lack of time to deal with accounts. Thanks to our detail-oriented skills and well time management system, we are now proud to offer them a way:

  • To maintain their financial records;

  • To keep up with company expenditures, income, payroll and tax requirements.

  • To report transactions, issue payments and balance accounts.

We sale accounting software, we

customize them  install and train users.

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


We perform field tests to monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution, including those that affect health. Our customers rely on us to set up and collect ambient air samples, calibrate and test air monitoring instruments, perform data collections checks, and use troubleshooting techniques to repair instruments. 

  • We conduct remote air monitoring site visits for assigned sites according to the EPA schedule and ADEQ QAPP’s. All units must be equipped with: ambient air monitoring instruments, meteorological instruments, data acquisition, sample setup and retrieval and all other auxiliary equipment

  • Review of data using: reports, graphs, charts or linier database view for identification of outliers, malfunctions or anomalies...

With an extensive experience in online marketing, we develop with creativity professional tools to help our client to show a better picture of Who they are? What they do? Which increases considerably their competitiveness.

We set up the marketing packages and Here is the not exhaustive list of services we offer:

Website; Logo; Buy & Sell online; Marketing videos; flyers; Photos & videos for your events


Our altruistic activities keep us connected with communities. We always like to learn from people and share values. We are so proud of our joint-venture with The Tribune of Sages.

We dedicate ourselves to provide First Aid and medical coverage at local events, care, and ride as well, to elderly people. We also run fund raising or donate to support worthy community schemes.

With The Tribune of Sages, we have created several program such as: SMP; AceRider; Business Directory; Archives and Inventory System, just to name a few...           

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